is a portfolio entrepreneur and founder of Synergia One Group of Companies. Synergia One is the entity that groups all the companies he founded including the family jewelry business, Mouawad, of which he is the fourth generation. The group has operated in over 20 countries across several industries. The current entities encompass gems and jewelry with Mouawad, an ultra high-end jewelry house that has handled some of the largest and rarest diamonds in the world, food manufacturing with Synova, software as a service with Taskworld, publishing with New York based Smart Work Media which holds over 170 publishing awards, and a Social Impact Entertainment company with CI Media.  He also from 1997 to 2017 founded and led Global Franchise Architects – a food service company which created five brands that expanded to 240 stores throughout 7 countries.  With his experience in incubating and growing several ventures internationally, and managing a portfolio of several companies, Fred has developed comprehensive management systems that drive execution towards value maximizing strategies.

Fred grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where he attended boarding school at College du Leman. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, an alumnus of the Harvard Business School (MBA 1995) and of the Stanford Executive Program (SEP 2012) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Fred is a YPO member, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the YPO Stanford GSB Program from 2014 to 2022. He has supported the incubation of 7 YPO Chapters, held the Chapter Chair position for two chapters, and served as YPO Southeast Asia Regional Chair FY 2017-19. He is the recipient of the distinguished YPO Alexander Cappello Award in 2016.  Fred has also in 2012 Co-Founded the Harvard Business School Association of Thailand and served as its Vice-President until 2022.  He is in addition a member of the Harvard Business School Global Advisory Board since 2018.



Synergia One Group of Companies


Founder, Chairman & CEO


A diversified group of companies that exploits synergies among its management systems and team members to create value for all its business units.


Founder & Chairman

Taskworld is a cloud-based collaboration platform that increases productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work. It allows users to assign and receive tasks, add followers, consolidate comments in a single point, organize projects, and access evidence-based performance evaluations.



A family business built upon trust and relationships and backed by more than a century of excellence.


Founder & Chairman

A leading food manufacturer with extensive R&D capabilities producing cakes, breads, pastries, ice-cream, bakery, beverage pre-mixes, syrups, sauces, and smoothies.

Smart Work Media


SmartWork Media is a New York-based media company that provides easy-to-understand business-building information to independent retailers worldwide.

Premier Diamond Alliance

Founder & Chairman

The Premier Diamond Alliance (PDA) is a joint venture between Mouawad and renowned diamond experts Premier Gem Corporation. The Company is a Debeers sightholder.

Cream & Fudge

Founder & Chairman

Super premium smooth and creamy ice- cream are made fresh on-site, where customers can select their favourite flavour to be hand-folded on a frozen marble slab with their selection of additive of nuts, fruits, candies, cookie and fudge.

CI Talks

Founder & Chairman

Making the World Better, One Talk at a Time

CI Talks is a social enterprise online platform. We create and distribute cinematic short films that are engaging, entertaining and insightful.